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Hairstyles, Self Assurance and Deep Composure Within the Aristocracy

Submitted by rchurch on Thu, 01/03/2018 - 16:48

My Most Gracious Queen, Elizabeth, it has come to my attention that lots of our women display so much hair related security, and this is even more worrying when said women are of noble and aristocratic background.The latest on this list, I am sad to say, is none other than our future granddaughter-in-law, Meghan.
In one of her recent public appearances, the young lady was raising her hand to her face and tossing her head as though her very life dependent on it and I couldn't understand why.

Please take a look at this video around the timestamps 12:17, 12:25, 12:33, 12:47, 27:04, 27:20, 32:06 to see what I am hinting at. There are some more egregious examples in other videos but this is sufficient .

The hairstyle in the leader is the culprit. She had some loose strands falling over her face, because her hairdresser did not see fit to firm them up. Meghan is a mixed-race woman with naturally curly and I suppose she doesn't have to do a lot of straightening to get her hair into that state, but it causes me some concern because it reflects the hair related insecurities which our community is besieged with. You see women with hair, some real, some artificial, some plaited, some extensions, tossing and turning their heads of hair as though their very lives depended on it, even if most of is not their natural hair. They wear long hair extensions some of which come down to their necks and shoulders, and keep tossing and turning their heads because the hair tickles. It is as though they have a deep urge to flaunt their long hair, real or otherwise.

It does bother me because in my opinion there is a lack of a deep inner self assurance and composure associated with such displays. Here she is having to interact with the crowd, and instead of being able to give them her full attention, she is doing so with half an eye on her hair and another half probably on her handbag.

Granted not everyone has hair like Isabelle, but why the insecurity?


In contemporary times take Anne for instance. Anne has never had the most compliant of hair, but she seems quite content to wear it as it is, unless she engages in some hair processing that I am not privy to. Although she probably has shoulder length hair the afro texture doesn't lend itself to dropping to her neck shoulders and she is not complaining.

HRH Princess Anne

Even images of recent British royalty from the last 2 centuries show proud noblewomen content to wear their hair naturally seemingly without the the need to extend to their neck and shoulders for some real or imagined reason. This photo displaying Queen Louise and hair offspring typifies it.

Would Her Majesty be kind enough to invite Meghan to take a look at these portraits and after doing so and giving the matter some thought explain her need to process her hair the way she does?

Elizabeth I of England and Ireland

Henrietta Maria, Queen Consort of England, Scotland, and Ireland

Isabel de Valois, Queen Consort of Spain

Louise de Keroualle, Duchess of Portsmouth

Pauline von Metternich

Pascalina Metternich

The antics of today's generation of women has me so all over the place I don't have a life anymore. Here are a few more from earlier periods. What should be noted is that most of them were not as white and as blonde as their portraits make them out to be. I am quite sure that a number of them were darker than Meghan and their afro's much thicker. Painting afro hair is quite a task. You only have to observer Maria Vladimirovna's sallow skin tone to see that European nobility have never been as white as their portraits make them out to be, and it is the year 2018.

Anna de' Medici - Countess of Tyrol

Anna de' Medici - Countess of Tyrol

I am completely besotted with Anna de' Medici above. So, so totally in love.

Maria Magdalena of Austria

Marie de Medici, Queen of France

Isabella Clara Eugenia of Austria

Now take a look at these two pictures of Megham from her early years?

Meghan as a Youth - 1

Meghan as a Youth - 2

Do you see how disappointed I am? I am almost in tears when I compare Meghan's childhood photos with the way she has made herself today. The point would be driven home harder had I used childhood portraits of the above nobles.

Why do some of today's royals seem hell bent on outchaving the Chavs? Instead of maintaining her natural and distinguished noble traits, she is more inclined to adopt the manners of the commoners around her.

It is understood that after years of endogamy the Family is inclined to mix things a bit, and having been disconnected from the one's ancient roots, one has no proper idea of which families to breed with. But royalty is not just a matter of birth, it is a matter of character, upbringing, and manners. These can be taught and instilled, and it is hoped that Meghan will be a quick study and will do the family proud in the near future.

It may be too much to importune Her Most Gracious Majesty at this early stage, but wouldn't it be nice to have a wedding featuring a bride with a head of hair more inline with the kings and queens of yore?

Alas it has been a long day Ma'am, I wish to take my leave and not tax on Her Majesty's valuable time, which she's has been most gracious in granting me.

I remain as ever, Your must humble and loyal servant,

General Frank Church

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