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Smiling Queens

Submitted by afrocentric on Mon, 04/12/2017 - 00:00

You know us Habsburgs have a thing for women from the Soudan, but we do have our Saxon predilections. Take a look at the photos of these two smiling queens. Which one is the prettier? Which one should I go for?

Alek Wek - Smiling
Queen Elizabeth II - Smiling

Has anyone noticed that our most gracious queen, Elizabeth, bears an eensie, weensie, teensie, fleeeeting resemblance to one Alek Wek of modelling renown? Not that I am saying that our Royal Family may be of some South Sudanese descent, just a point to note.

I remember seeing Prince Philip on the telly and thinking that he in some way reminded me of a Nuer or Dinka male, something about the shape of his skull, the set of his shoulders, the erect manner in which he stands, or some other feature.

Why on earth am I even thinking in this manner and thinking improper thoughts about our Royal Family, after all what could be wrong with our Royal Family having some South Sudanese origins?

We are British and most definitely NOT racist!!!.

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