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What's It With Our Women? - Part I

Submitted by blogmeister on Tue, 13/10/2015 - 21:05

You might be asking what a man in the form of Colin Powell is doing in a blog post about "our women". Some time ago I had noticed that General Colin Powell seemed to bear some resemblance to the Queen, so I thought I'd place some photos of them side by side to see if my view was justified. The Queen's face is what I would describe as "black". Her facial are arguably be described as Negroid, more associated with Africans then Europeans, something some Black people have noticed and remarked upon. The first photo I chosen didn't help me make my point as well as I wanted, I sought out another one and found one of her younger self, which dates back to the time around her coronation and that is where the noticed the feature which constitutes the topic of this blog post. Back to Colin Powell. Lucky sod. Surrounded by all these beautiful women. No wonder he has such a cocky grin on his face. These Moorish generals have all the fun. Anyway there is some resemblance there. They could easily be brother and sister.

Queen Elizabeth II, General Colin Powell

Now take a look at the pic of the Queen from the coronation. Do you notice something here? Look closely. Look again. Look harder. Do you see it? Can you see it? Look again. It is the lip. Queen Elizabeth's lips in the recent pic are much thinner, especially the lower one. It is way thinner than it should be compared with one from her coronation. What's going on here? I am completely stumped.

Houston, we have a problem.

Queen Elizabeth, Past and Present

Is the Queen diffident about her features, the African features us Habsburgs are so proud of, and not just us alone, but all European royalty? Did the photographer touch them up? Did the Queen press her lips together? The lipstick appears thinner than it should be. What is going on here? Has she visited a gallery and seriously appreciated the features of her distinguished forebears before opting to be shy or even worse ashamed of her African features? She doesn't even need to. All the palaces are galleries and she must be surrounded by such images all the time. She is in such great company and she is feeling shy. She, the Alpha female of all females? I am so, so, so terribly disappointed. Just see how beautiful she looks in this Terence Cuneo portrait.

Our most gracious queen, Elizabeth

The royal tutors must be doing a very poor job of educating their wards about their history. For so many generations these kids have spent so much time of their lives surrounded by white people with their more so called Caucasoid features and I shouldn't be surprised. After all if we really wanted so called Caucasoid features we'd all marry Somalis and Indians. At least that way we would retain our Black complexions. See how Mahubo, even with her physical handicap proudly and confidently rocks her lips in a way that the Queen will not. This makes me so sad.

A good history lesson should start of with one of her forebears, like this one of Queen Charlotte Sophia. The painting is most definitely fake, so fake its not even funny, but at least they got an aspect of her lips right even after trying to make them smaller. Its hard to tell what they wanted to do her eyes, making them look so bird like, even reptilian. This is seriously outrageous. Even though the lip appears to have been thinned, the form is correct. It is a good enough likeness, correct enough. It's saving grace is that it is official


Should there be a Black History Month in the UK and the EU or something? I am not going to go into royal portraits now. I am just going to show her the great company in which she is, royal and otherwise, the beautiful women of both past and present she shares her features with this very day, such as her sister Margaret. Might as well add in a few more royals,like this one of Lalla Hasna. I will save Diane for another post.

There are so many beautiful women here that I can't do justice to them all. I am simply placing the photos below for you to browse at your leisure. Just take some time, really take some time to peruse the images of these beauties and see the women whose beauty the Queen's compares with, if not more than a match for, and see why I can't comprehend the Queen's diffidence about her features. Better still, if you can invite the Queen to come round and take a look that will be great. Mahubo Fabulous alone is worth the price of admission.

If Her Majesty would like someone to give her a confidence booster, I would go for Diane, but I have to save the Duchess for another blog post. But I think Fantasia will do quite nicely. Can you imagine this? Fantasia of all women, the young woman who took remedial literacy lessons in order to read bedtime stories to her young daughter, has become the poster girl for our ethnic pride. Her pictures are so beautiful I don't know which to choose. I think I will have to create a Fantasia of the Day blog page.


We need to do something about this. We can't have this situation where our children carry hangs ups related to their features all the way into their adulthood and be self-conscious of them all the time. We need to stop our women from being punked out of identification with their own features. I am sure the Spitting Image guys are responsible for this state of affairs. One of these days I am going to exercise an Imperial prerogative on the back of some comedian's miserable neck.

Queens Gallery

Here is a good selection of beautiful African and Indian queens. Why should Her Majesty feel shy of being identified with any of them. This is soooo not on. This gallery is rather untidy but I will take the time improve it. My enthusiasm for this endeavour knows no bounds.

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